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Who YOU Are

You don’t want to manage another cleaner – you want to AUTOMATE!

Would you rather…

  • Increase the profit from your units….or scramble after that darn cleaner that flaked?
  • Be able to pursue your other hobbies….or hire and train yet ANOTHER cleaner?
  • Sip mai thai’s by the beach….or clean the toilet yourself?

Your time is valuable and we get it. The vacation rental industry is hectic, and it seems that problems pop up left and right. Does it make you crazy that you just want things to go smoothly?

Sit back, grab a beer (or wine, kale smoothie, whatever you fancy), and let us do the dirty work.

Reliability, easy online booking, flat-rate pricing, no BS.

Let’s streamline your vacation rental operations.

Who YOU Are

You’re likely a smart, capable (dare I say strikingly good looking?!), and attentive host or property manager who wants to take care of your guests. You also likely have other things in your life you want to focus on (hobbies, family, side career as an underwater basket weaver, etc).

Hopefully you, cool guy (or girl)
Hopefully you, cool guy (or girl)

More importantly, you don’t want to be on call day-in day-out to make sure your unit(s) is ready for the next guest. Ideally your vacation rental units will be as streamlined as possible so that you CAN sip mai thais by the beach during the day if you want.

You are ideally looking for a partner for your vacation rental units who you can trust, not simply another vendor you must manage.


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Some Awesome Companies We Work With

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Some Amazing Hosts We Work With

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Brent, Santa Monica

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Lisa Astor, SF Lisa, San Francisco

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Danna, West Hollywood Danna, West Hollywood

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What We Are Promising

Your vacation rental business will be more streamlined with us. You’ll get a PARTNER for your vacation rental business, not a vendor you have to constantly manage. We grow when you grow, so our focus is to work with you and ensure things are smooth.

Are we saying that everything will be magically automated the second you start working with us? NO! But we gosh-darn will work towards the point where it’s as streamlined as possible.

Who You Are NOT

We love you all, but there are some hosts and property managers who might be our BFFs more than others.

Hopefully NOT you
Hopefully NOT you

It’s Not You, It Me”:

• If you’re looking our top-notch cleaning services but want to pay bottom-barrel prices, we might not be a fit for you.
• If you require a high-level of customization of the services we offer OR need a high-level of hand-holding through our relationship, we might not be a fit for you.
• If you want to work with a cleaner/vendor that you can constantly demand things from, we might not be a fit for you.

You should be looking for a PARTNER and that’s what we are…we are not simply a vendor. You want to streamline your vacation rental operations and have more time to expand your business or just more “me time”.

We structured our offering in a way that makes the most sense for you to streamline your business. We’ll go above and beyond to make your life as easy as possible, and we truly believe that you need a partner (not simply a cleaner you manage or a vendor) in order to make this a reality!

So what’s the next move?

If you’re ready to boogie, fill out the below form and someone from our awesome team will get back to you as soon as possible!

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