What Is Included

Below is what is included in our basic Airbnb package. While we cannot customize the checklist completely to your unit, we can make small tweaks… Just give us a call to discuss!

All AreasTurnover Cleaning
Laundry : Wash linens and towelsright
Make bed w/fresh linensright
Sweep and Mop Floorsright
Clean Toiletsright
Vacuum Carpet and Rugsright
Clean Mirrorsright
Empty Inside Trash and Place in Outside Binsright
Wash, Dry, Put Away Dishesright
Fridge Cleaningright
Stove Cleaningright
Wipe Countertopsright


Want more details about whats included? Here are some FAQs

Can I customize the checklist for my property?

Short answer: only a tiny bit.

What you pay a flat-rate for is a specific package/checklist of things the cleaner does as part of the turnover cleaning. We cannot customize the package per property for the same rate.

For example: Our checklist has cleaners put 2 towels per bed, and 1 towel if its a twin. That's the standard and what the cleaners do. So if you'd would like towels in a certain fashion or placed in a specific place (we had a host once who wanted the cleaners to learn how to fold the hand towels in origami fashion. Looked super cool, but totally impossible to make), we can ask the cleaners to do this and put it in the checklist. BUTTTT we cannot be held accountable for that or guarantee it'll be done in that fashion. The only thing we can swear an oath to and vouch for is the standard package.

Is laundry included? If so, how many loads?

Yes! On-site laundry is included in the cost per turnover cleaning. See below for how many loads are included (based on your home size)

Studio/1BR/2BR: 1-2 Loads of Laundry Included
3BR: 3-4 Loads of Laundry Included
4BR: 4 Loads of Laundry Included

If a unit requires more loads to be done, please tell us! We may need to charge additional $10/load for the time. If the laundry/dryer require coins, we will simply charge for reimbursement. If your unit or building does not have laundry machines, we charge $10 extra to take the dirty linen to a laundromat in addition to reimbursement. You'll simply need to supply to laundry detergent

If your unit does NOT require laundry service, please let us know and we can provide a discount :)

When will my cleaners arrive?

Our Guarantee is that the cleaning will get done before your next guest checks in (as long as the guests don't surprise us and arrive wayyy before check in!). Because of how absurd traffic can be, we CANNOT guarantee an exact start time. But fear not! The cleaners plan their routes so they have enough time to do a kick-ass job on your unit and your guests will be happy

Can you hold onto keys?

No we cannot. However, we totally recommend you put a lockbox or keypad somewhere on your property and our cleaners will have access to that.

Do I get the same cleaner every time?

Even better, you get the same rotation of cleaners every time! You are assigned a primary cleaner and 2 backups. If your primary cleaner is NOT available, we'll send the cleaning to your backup cleaner. This way you are guaranteed to have a cleaner for your place!

In short, we cannot guarantee the same person every time BUT we aim to send the same rotation of cleaners, so all are familiar with your home!

Do you have an Availability Guarantee?

Heck yeah we do! Just book 48 hours in advance and we GUARANTEE you'll be covered! If you book in under 48 hours before the cleaning, we will go above and beyond to accommodate but cannot guarantee availability!

Better yet, just SYNC YOUR CALENDAR so everything is always loaded way ahead of time!

Do you charge the same if its a post-party cleanup?

Chances are you have had a less-than-clean guest who leaves the place wayyy too trashed. Now you’re pulling your hair off to figure out how to get the place in tip-top shape before the next guest arrives ahhhh! You need to make sure that not only is your place fully cleaned, but also be EXTRA watchful to make sure nothing is damaged. MaidThis to the rescue! For just $80, our cleaners will spend a couple hours more to make sure you’re protected by inspecting the unit closer for damages cleaning it in even more detail to get it in amazing shape for the next guests. We will send you pics of the place and will require adding on the deep cleaning fee to get your place in the shape it should be!

Do I need to provide cleaning supplies?

Nope you're all covered! The cleaners bring all of their own cleaning supplies. The only things you'll need to provide are (i) dishwashing soap (ii) laundry detergent, and (iii) guest supplies (paper towels, garbage bags, toilet paper, etc).

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