Meet The Operations Team!

MaidThis Operations Team around the world

Founder / El Capitán
Neel turned down an offer to be starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers to explore his true calling -- house cleaning. When not he's working, you'll probably find Neel exploring a new country, reading a book, white-water rafting, or eating too much pizza.
Neel has his hands in all aspects of MaidThis but is primarily in charge of marketing and business development. While he's a Los Angeles native, Neel currently spend most of the year out of country and manages MaidThis remote while living in different countries around the globe. Prior to founding MaidThis, Neel worked for an LA-based venture capital-private equity company focused on investing in tech companies around the US.
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General Manager / Co-Owner
Varsha (aka Mama Bear) is one of the founders of MaidThis and is the glue that holds everything together. When Varsha is not helping support our team and customers, you'll probably find her at a cultural dance performance, meditating, or doing yoga.
Varsha has her hands in all aspects of MaidThis but primarily deals with operations, customer support, and cleaner management. Prior to MaidThis, Varsha was a prestigious dance choreographer for 25 years in California.
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Operations-QA Manager / Sailing Master
Lisa is MaidThis's Operations/QA Manager and is the engine that keeps MaidThis running. Prior to MaidThis, Lisa moved back to Los Angeles via Santa Fe, New Mexico where she lived in an Airstream for an entire year - including two winters and lots of stories about rats and mice. Now she has her focus on figuring out how to revolutionize the cleaning business and providing the best service possible!
When Lisa is not putting out fires and leading the operations team, she enjoys ocean walks and writing poetry. Also rainbows and unicorns and singing Kumbaya!
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Sales & Support Manager / The Magician
Len is our Sales and Support Manager and in charge of making sure customers get to enjoy MaidThis's offerings! Len currently lives in South Africa with his beautiful family (wife, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats!) . When he's not busy joking around with our customers, he enjoys braiing (the South Africa version of BBQ), watching movies, and spending time with his family
Len is currently in charge of customer support and helps new vacation rental customers get set up. He loves his job and enjoys hearing how the customers are always trying to guess where he is from. He is ex-Rhodesian (now Zimbabwe) but has lived in South Africa for most of his life.
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Customer Happiness Manager
Mel (aka Len's Better Half) wears multiple hats in our company and currently acts as the Customer Happiness Manager. When Mel is not making sure all customers are taken care of, she enjoys reading and doubling as a teacher for her 2 beautiful girls.
Mel’s role as the CHM means she is in charge of the customer experience at MaidThis and ensuring all customers are happy. The CHM role fits her perfectly because she likes to see everyone happy and content.
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Daily Operations Coordinator / Batman
Pevy is one of MaidThis's Daily Operations Coordinators. currently lives in Honduras with her beautiful family (husband, 2 kids and 7 rabbits). When she is not ensuring all the trains run on time at MaidThis she enjoys urban farming, dancing poi and playing the ukulele.
Pevy has the awesome job of making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be, and that cleanings are happening on time! She is the support superhero that cleaners call when they need helps, hence the “Batman” nickname. Prior to MaidThis, Pevy was a very happy homeschool mom and worked as a web guru in the family owned biz.
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Scheduler-Daily Ops Coordinator
Amanda has a couple roles within MaidThis - she currently serves as a Daily Oeprations Coordinator (i.e. making sure the trains run on time) and also our Scheduling Genius! When she is not mapping out cleaning schedules, Amanda enjoys reading, traveling, doing volunteer work or spending time with her family.
Amanda is originally from the United States but recently moved to Ecuador with her husband. Prior to MaidThis, Amanda worked as a Dental Office Manager for a Dental Office in Houston, Texas.
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Bay Area Operations Coordinator
Arturo currently serves as MaidThis's Bay Area Ops Coordinator, meaning that he is in charge of making sure all cleaning operations go smoothly in the greater San Francisco area! Arturo is a college professor who enjoys storytelling. He dreams of becoming the manager of a hotel in front of the Carribean Sea so that every day feels just like a vacation.
Arturo once tried to be a professional singer but no one wanted to hear him....his only audience became his grandma who was half deaf and a hamster who escaped the singing during a hurricane. In addition to MaidThis, Arturo is a college professor in his hometown in Honduras.
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Customer Service Rep / Musketeer #1
Fez is currently one of our awesome Customer Service Reps and was MaidThis's first ever CSR! When Fez is not helping you book the best cleaning of your life, she enjoys a good read, spending time with family and exploring new places.
Fez’s role as a CSR means she is one of the main voices you’ll hear when you call! She is currently studying Internal Accounting and works for MaidThis part-time. Prior to MaidThis, Fez was doing a diploma in Accounting
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Customer Service Rep / Musketeer #2
Adele is currently one of our amazing CSRs and will be one of the voices you hear when you call MaidThis! When Adele is not helping you schedule the best cleaning of your life, she enjoys spending time with her son (she also has 3 dogs and 2 hand-reared birds!), cycling, listening to 80s music and watching old James Bond movies.
Adele is currently one of the CSRs at MaidThis, meaning she is tasked with ensuring you are paired with the best cleaning package and are fully taken care of. Prior to MaidThis, Adele worked as a service coordinator for a pest control/hygiene services company.
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Customer Service Rep / Musketeer #3
Vicki is currently one of our amazing CSRs and one of the newest members of our team! When Vicki is not busy making sure everything runs smoothly at MaidThis, she enjoys surfing, biking, reading, baking, coffee with amigas and geeking out on new technologies. She has a Bachelor of Science in Global Resources and loves growing and improving professionally.
Vicki currently serves as of one of the CSRs at MaidThis, meaning she is tasked with ensuring you are paired with the best package and taken care of. Prior to MaidThis Vicki was at the Vancouver Convention Centre and Friends For Life Charity.
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Accounting / The Enforcer
Tina (aka the Enforcer) currently heads the accounting team. When she's not calling customers to make sure their credit card is working, Tina enjoys spending time with her family in India, reading, dancing, taking walks but above all stuffing her gullet with Indian savories and sweets.
Tina currently serves as the head of the Accounting team. Prior to joining MaidThis!, Tina worked in Canada as an Accountant for various Banks and Fortune 500 companies. Currently she lives in India with her husband where they enjoy the myriad natural and man-made wonders of the country.
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