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9 Things to Consider When Hosting Pets

While pet owners might automatically consider opening their vacation rentals to pets, those without pets might not be so certain.  But pets are just another type of guest, and there are many benefits to opening your listings to them.  We’ve put together a list of things to consider when hosting pets at your vacation rental.  

1. Add Value for Guests

Pet owners love to bring their pets along when it suits their needs (and it’s practical).  They are going to have a great time staying with you, but imagine how much better it would be if they at least had the option to bring their pet along.  

To make your guests feel really special, ask about the personality of the pet and if there’s anything you can do/provide to make the place more welcoming for it.​

2. Increase Revenue

Having a “pet friendly” listing will allow you to charge higher rates and help you get booked more often, as you will attract a larger audience than a standard listing.  “Pets allowed” is the third most searched vacation rental amenity!  Guests with pets also tend to stay for longer periods than those without pets.

3. Cleanliness Matters (More than Ever)

While pet owners do understand that pets can shed and even make a mess sometimes, they still have high standards when it comes to cleanliness.  They know that the attention to detail necessary to keep a pet-friendly listing clean bodes well for the comfort of their pet.

4. Consider Your Fixtures and Fabrics

Obviously not every fabric or type of decoration is best around pets.  Don’t put yourself or your guest into a situation in which something delicate can get damaged or broken.  “Pet-proof” every part of your listing, especially wires and cables: dogs love to chew on those!

5. Increase Revenue

Having a “pet friendly” listing will allow you to charge higher rates and help you get booked more often, as you will attract a larger audience than a standard listing.

6. Have Some Pet Amenities

You can show right away to pet owners that you care by having amenities that will make their stay easier:

  • ​​Exterior fence (the pet can move around safely)
  • Treats
  • Bowls/Feeding Trays
  • Tether
  • Interior gates (if guests want to block certain entrances, like to the stairs or kitchen)

7. Have Some Pet Activities

We always encourage our clients to have a list of activities in the local area for their human guests: do the same for pets!  

You know if there are local dog parks or places where animals are welcome.  You can also put in the contact information for vets and emergency care should something happen.​​

8. Have Rules in Place

You have rules for your human guests: pets can be subject to rules too.  Make sure you limit how many pets can come or whether the pet can be left alone on the property.  Other things to consider:

  • Are pets allowed on the furniture?
  • Are pets permitted in every room?​​

9. Check Your Insurance

You should already have insurance in place for your vacation rental.  Make sure that any damage caused by pets is included.

Pets add a lot of value to people’s lives.  They can also add a lot of value to your listing.  Consider welcoming them!

This article originally appeared in our twice-monthly Guest Book newsletter.

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