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You’re only a couple minutes away from streamlining your vacation rental business.
The more notes, the smoother your operations will go!


What is your first name?
What is your last name?
What is your email address?

This will be your Username for your account
What is your vacation rental unit’s address? Include zip code.

If you have multiple units, please submit 1 form per property
How will the cleaner get in?
If keypad or lockbox, what is the code?
Can you describe how a find your unit? Pictures are extra helpful 🙂

You can just copy/paste the same entry info you send to your guests, or even send us a

Ex: “go around the back, 2nd door on the left after the unicorn statue, etc”) This will
help the cleaner get to your unit quickly and get it completed in time for your next guests

Is laundry service needed?
If relevant, where are laundry machines located? How much does it cost? How many loads are

For Fridge Cleaning: Any non-perishables (beer cans, closed juices, etc) will be left in the
fridge. Any perishables (old vegetables, half gallon of milk, etc) will be TOSSED!

Your home should be hotel-standard ready for guests (that’s why you’re hiring us, duh!). So our
standard policy is to keep any non-perishables in the fridge (jars of jam, beer cans,
condiments) and toss any perishable items that might go rotten during the guest’s stay. If you
have items that you WANT to keep (if you’re living at the house, for example), please LABEL IT
and put in a bottom drawer or it will be tossed!

Where are supplies located?

Such as toilet paper, soap, paper towels, etc.
Where is the spare linen located?
Where should the cleaners park their car?

Because parking in the city can be pretty rough!
Where are the garbage bins outside located?
What is your check out / check in time? (note: we need a minimum 4 hour completion window)
In the case of same-day questions or emergencies, who should we

What is the Airbnb/VRBO Calendar URL for your listing?

You can find this on the “Manage Your Listing” page on Airbnb under “”Availability” > “Sync
Calendars” > “Export”. It should look something like https://www.airbnb.com/calendar/ical/…..
We will use this to auto-sync the scheduling of cleanings with your check out dates!
Do you have any questions or additional comments?
Wooooooo all set!
We aim to get your account set up within 1-2 business days (max), so if you don’t hear from us then someone is dead on our end (or maybe there was just a small delay).
We do take the weekends off to recharge! If you have any questions, please contact len@maidthis.com